Hi Debbie, Thank you so much for helping me to stop smoking it's an amazing feeling to not be dependant on a dirty habit anymore. I feel so much better already, it's amazing how much more work I get done in the day now or I finish earlier so I get more time with my wife and daughter. Everyone I tell can't believe how it has worked, I tell them I can't believe how affective it has been and you have helped me change so much and gain so much aswel. Thank you Debbie I'm like a new man.

I would highly recommend Debbie for her professionalism, patience an...d her lovely way of dealing with any situation. Thank u for all your help. We really appreciate all you did for us.

As this marvellous woman's son, for my exams my mother has helped me out so much by allowing me to be more calm and relaxed in my exams through the use of hypnotherapy. I never thought it would work but sure as the sun rising it did. I have gone into all my exams calm, relaxed and very confident. in these sessions I have learnt a very important skill, this skill is called "brown study", look it up if you will, and through the use of this I can get the answers to the question on my exam by accessing my sub-conscious mind. Today, I really harnessed this skill as I was unable to figure out an answer. The question is as follows “How should someone dispose of Low level waste in a nuclear power plant?” all I knew was to squash the clothing (which is low level waste) Into little balls….I had no idea what to do next, my mum told me to take a few deep breadths and access my brown study and look for the answer I was looking for, the answer was to bury it under ground. I found this out through the use of the brown study. This women is a magnificent hypnotherapist and councilor. I highly recommend her!!

I had a great session of hypnotherapy with Debbie. I was not too sure if it would work for me or not but thought to give it a go. I was struggling to lose weight due to lack of motivation to exercise. After just one session, I was raring to go. Even my trainer asked what I was on! I would strongly recommend her services. Thank you Debbie. - 5 star

I have started this post at least 4 times in the last week as The writing never seemed to do the service which I received justice.. Being a massive non believer was the first struggle in my journey, this struggle defeated me in the first few weeks but Debbie was determined not to let it win. Slowly but surely my whole world was opened up by the fantastic, supportive and helpful techniques that Debbie employed. In the space of 8 months my thought patterns were unlocked and my vision cleared and for the first time in 32 years I am able to see things for what they are and let go of the things that I could not and therefore can not control. Facing my demons in a safe and secure environment with no judge to cast aspersions is the best way to explore your inner thoughts and feelings. At the beginning of my journey I thought I was looking for someone to fix me but it turns out I was looking for someone to support me whilst I fixed myself and for me this person was Debbie Frost. There are no words to describe/express my gratitude all I can do is urge you to access her services if ever you are in need. I am glad I did xx ps it really does work

“Beginning the Journey Back to You.”