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Whether you need help with your confidence for that all important work presentation , exam, driving test, or interview. There is nothing worse than being properly prepared for that important exam, test, presentation and then finding at the crucial point you start you begin to suffer physical symptoms including a racing heart, sweaty hands, a feeling of being unable to breath, and a sickness in the stomach. . This demeans your confidence and leaves you often feeling that it is a situation that you want to avoid but that isn't always possible if it is connected to a work situation, or career enhancement, or something that you really want to pass such as your driving test, building self confidence, creating positive visualizations, creating self -belief, performance nerves, pvercoming mental blocks and barriers, removing any negative thought and belief so that you can focus like never before to achieve your goal.

Anxiousness is defined as experiencing nervousness, unease or worry typically about an event or something with an uncertain outcome, a situation caused or characterized by worry and/or nervousness.

Everyone feels anxious from time to time – anxious about doing well at a meeting, achieving good grades at school, socialising or even going on a date. Anxiety disorders are when this feeling becomes the norm which can cause a lot of disruption and distress to everyday life. Anxiety is often caused by a specific event leading the person to become so anxious that they stop living their life to the full, often avoiding many situations. Symptoms often include feeling nervous, racing heartbeat, clammy hands, feeling dizzy, short of breath, a constant feeling that 'something bad is going to happen' and even trembling. All these symptoms can become very difficult to live with causing never ending stress on the person themselves and those around them. Feeling this way gets in the way of a functioning daily life.

Phobias and fears can include anything from fear of flying, spiders, snakes, swimming to exam nerves to fears of dentists, doctors or illness. Phobias can remind us of an important premises of everyone's unconscious mind. It shows us just how amazing the mind is because your brain can take a single situation or event and learn enough from that single event to trigger the unconscious protective response to protect you in the same or similar situations from that point on. Unfortunately with fears and phobias, the brain has learnt from a negative event and so will try and protect you in similar situations in the future. The brain only needs an 80% match to the original negative situation and the phobia or fear can snowball and get bigger so for example if the original fear is of dogs, it can snowball to cats, sheep, cows, birds etc.

The great news is that your unconscious mind will know the origins of the original event.As quickly as the brain learnt from the original event, it can unlearn just as quickly.

Lack of self confidence or low self esteem can be crippling and debilitating. It can stop a person from socialising, hinder progress at work and in relationships and generally takes away a person's enjoyment of a full and wonderful life.

People with a lack of self confidence or low self esteem are usually acutely aware of their errors and chide themselves for 'doing it wrong'. They take things extremely personally and cannot stand personal criticism as this just feeds into their belief system. They are usually very good at putting other people down to make themselves feel better and they literally cannot help themselves.

Usually lack of self confidence and low self esteem is placed in the mind at a young age either by a parent, sibling or carer, intentionally or unintentionally . The young mind grows into an adult mind and the belief of being 'not good enough', 'unworthy' or 'incompetent' is firmly planted so the belief is maintained.

Having come to the conclusion that you now want to remove those unhealthy habits from your life, You can look forward to having more energy, your skin glowing, feel more alive, moving more fluidly and with ease, like the person you see in the mirror. Feel proud and confident in finding the real you.

Whether you have been advised medically or feel that you want to take control of your body. Using Weight loss hypnotherapy tailored to your individual needs will remove any underlying issues remove the stress and anxiety whilst embarking on your goal.

Change your relationship with food/ alcohol. Help you to feel empowered to achieve your goal so easily and effortlessly. Help you be the healthy person that you want to be. Take control of your habit effortlessly and easily for good.

“Beginning the Journey Back to You.”