GPs get ‘animated’ to improve care for millions of patients with long term conditions

11th November 2016

Self Care Forum Board Member and Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) President, Professor Mike Pringle narrates this three minute video to support health professionals during their consultations with people with multiple and complex illnesses.

The video attempts to help health professionals with care planning, a holistic, long-term approach to delivering patient care that aims to help people take more control over their own health – with the support of their GP practice – and stay well.

Commenting on the video, Professor Pringle said “this animation emphasises the importance of patient centred care, and how care planning can free the GP to focus on priorities and caring. It also shows how this ‘smarter’ way of working not only allows the practice team to care for their patients but how in doing so it also empowers the patient and helps to make them more confident in managing their condition(s) and therefore their lives.”

The video was launched by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) on 16th January 2015 to improve care for millions of patients with long term conditions.

With an ageing and growing population and more patients needing treatment for multiple conditions, good care planning allows GPs and patients to make the most of the consultation and puts the focus on delivering care that will make a tangible and long-term difference to patients’ lives.

The recent independent Inquiry into Patient Centred Care in the 21st Century, commissioned by the RCGP, recommended that all GP practices follow a personalised care planning approach for any patient in need of proactive care. This could include patients with long-term conditions, those with learning disabilities, and those living with multiple conditions.

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“Beginning the Journey Back to You.”